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During these unprecedented times we are finding ourselves navigating through uncharted waters. The one constant is that Dedham Health & Athletic Complex is committed to helping you remain healthy. While at this time, we cannot utilize our facility to help you reach these goals,  we want to remind you that we have the best, and most qualified team of professionals and exercise physiologists to assist you in staying healthy and active while staying safely at home, in your neighborhood, or at local parks and open grounds. 

We have been diligently working to provide you with our at home series "Dedham Health at Home." Through our online portal, we will be providing you with a plethora of information and videos on various topics such as exercise, ways to keep you active and healthy, nutrition tips, informational blogs, and so much more. 

 Stay tuned for some great info headed to your

inbox and let us know if you have any questions! Although it has to be done virtually, together we will get through this!

Updated 3-26-20